About Us

Simple Products to Streamline Complex Business Processes

At Nitman Software, we make products that are easy to use, yet streamline complex business processes and boost productivity.

Our products are designed with simple, easy to use interfaces and thoughtfully crafted tools to reduce the burden of mundane tasks. Our undertaking is to make industry specific products to address the exact needs of our clients.

We started out in 2006 with this mission in mind. Within a year, we launched our flagship product – Talentpool. Talentpool is a recruitment software that helps companies meet their hiring targets, reduce time to hire and lower recruitment costs. It is available in three versions, and can be used by companies that hire less than 5 people a month, as well as those hiring hundreds of people per month.

While promoting Talentpool, we were approached by recruitment firms, many of whom were looking for a similar software to run their businesses. In response to this demand, we launched our second product, Talentscout in late 2008. Talentscout lets recruitment firms create their own, easily searchable candidate database, manage client and candidate relationships, generate more revenue and improve recruiter productivity.

Both our products reflect our mission in being easy to use, yet provide specific tools to ease the work of recruiters end users.

We continue to build upon our products through feedback provided by users on the ground. All our customers are entitled to free upgrades to the latest versions as part of our annual support programs.

We are confident that our products will exceed customer expectations. Hence, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee with all our products.