The Power of Partnership

In today’s competetive business environment, partners are the extended sales team with long term success.

At Nitman, we help our partner with identifying opportunities to retain and grow their business. You'll be rewarded with no compete protection, attractive margins, and joint lead generation programs. We also support you with up-to-date training and remote support, so your sales and technical teams are always confident and drive real business value.

The Nitman Partner Program is based on our belief that partnerships will result in a force that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

The program is based on five core principles.

Select the Best

Take the initial pains to identify highly competent partners who can commit time and resources to promote our products. Once a relationship is setup, promote the partners to the hilt.

Don't compete with them

Once a partner is selected for an area, try and route maximum business in that area through the partner.

Help them to grow

Provide all partners with effective training on our products. Back them up with field sales and technical support. Whenever possible, pass on qualified leads and help them accelerate the sales cycle.

Make it profitable

Offer good margins and highly differentiated products that give the end users a high ROI so that they are easy to sell.

Offer multiple products

Make multiple products so that partners can cross sell and upsell to the same customer base.

Types of Partners

Nitman offers an array of options for those seeking partnership. You can choose the Type of Partnership depending upon your expertise.

Partner with Us

If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Channel Partner, just complete the online Partner Contact Form, and someone from Nitman will get in touch with you to discuss your interest.


We became Nitman partners for the high quality of products which helped the customers gain stronger ROI, faster. The products are useful, cost-effective and have a huge market.

Rajesh Pandey | CEO, Omniscient Computer Consultants