Recruitment Software for Corporates

Talentpool is a recruitment software for HR Departments of companies. It helps them streamline their recruitment processes, meet hiring targets and get instant reports to track performance. Talentpool caters to companies of all sizes and strengths providing a competent recruitment management system .

Whether you are a young buzzing IT organization or a large and still growing one, we have a solution that fits your needs:

  • »For companies upto 250 employees
    Talentpool Basic will help you streamline your recruitment processes. It will help you track recruitments easily, reduce overall hiring costs and eliminate confusing excel sheets and unwieldy files and folders.
  • » For companies with 250 - 1000 employees
    Talentpool Pro will help you introduce best practices and set up well-defined processes to prepare for the next level. It is a complete recruitment solution that helps you automate recruitment without changing your time-tested selection processes..
  • » For companies with 1000 to 3000 employees
    Talentpool Enterprise is an all-in-one recruitment management system that provides solution to address all the requirements of your recruitment process. It is a comprehensive and easy to use recruitment solution that helps you integrate all the various recruitment sources, track vital performance metrics and reduce hiring targets. It drastically reduces the time required for online recruitment process.
  • » For companies with more than 3000 employees
    Talentpool Enterprise Plus a comprehensive recruitment software which provides a single integrated platform for thousands of users spread across geographies to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. Talentpool not only empowers recruitment teams by automating critical tasks, but also provides complete visibility to managers into the recruitment process and progress.

Why Talentpool?

It increases hiring productivity

Talentpool helps your hiring managers, recruiters and interviewers get information as per their role in the hiring process. It organizes your hiring process so that you can focus on what you need to do most screen the applicants through an advanced candidate tracking system, reach out and grab good talent before your competition does.

It is really simple to use

Talentpool is extremely easy to use – you don't need a thick user manual to start using it. Its no-training-necessary interface makes shortlisting, scheduling interviews, providing feedback and tracking hiring progress simple, yet effective jobs.

It is made for Corporates

Talentpool is designed specifically for internal use by companies of all strengths. Its design is based on inputs from HR managers and recruiters of several leading companies. It addresses the challenges of existing online recruitment systems and proves to be a state of the art recruitment management system.